Ducks and Veggie Food: Brockhill Country Park

Regardless of where you go in England you can always find a ‘green space’ nearby. A green space being, quite literally, a space of luscious, unadulterated greenness made of freshly trimmed grass, of picturesque woodland or rising hills. Be it London, with its endless interspersions of parks that cut through the grey, concrete jungle of … Continue reading Ducks and Veggie Food: Brockhill Country Park


Those Classic London Tourist Spots

As I mentioned in my previous post, on May 3rd and 4th I spent two days in Central London for my best friends 21st Birthday. It was on May 4th that we had booked to go on the London Eye and a Thames River Boat Cruise, two of the tourist spots in Central London that … Continue reading Those Classic London Tourist Spots